Brown Drake Emerger

The Brown Drake Mayfly begins the big dry fly season as a precursor to the Hex.  I know many Michigan trout bums that would rather fish the Brown Drake hatches because they take place just as it's getting dark and you're in bed by midnight after the spinner falls.  It's the perfect opening act for... Continue Reading →

Parachute Biot BWO

Here in Michigan Blue Wing Olive mayflies come in various sizes.  This fly not only looks great but is a great floater and can be turned into an indicator fly for a parachute/dropper combination with relative ease.   Start the tying thread just behind the hook eye and secure your thread one hook-eye length behind... Continue Reading →

The Gurgler

  There are almost as many variations to this fly than the Clouser Minnow or Popper but the variations all serve the same purpose; to create commotion on the surface which many predators find irresistible under the right conditions.  I've only tied the freshwater version but there are many saltwater patterns out there that I... Continue Reading →

The Klinkhamer

The Klinkhamer or Klinkhammer fly is one in which you either love it or you've never heard of it.  Dutch tier Hans van Klinken created this pattern in the mid 1980's to imitate an emerging insect.  The unique fly hangs below the surface, in the film, and the parachute floats.  This deadly combination has produced fish... Continue Reading →

Troutsman Hex Dry Fly

There are gifts in fly fishing.  Staying up way past your bedtime and fishing to rising fishing long into a mid to late June night in Michigan with a hex fly is one of them.  The bugs are big, colorful, and it's arguably your best chance at catching a large brown trout on a dry... Continue Reading →

Blowtorch Nymph

At first sight, this thing looks ridiculous in the world of standard patterns.  It's bright, doesn't look much like anything in nature, and has enough colors to grab anyone's attention.  I assure you, though, it's effective and I've caught a lot of decent fish in highly technical water under tough conditions.  I think it can... Continue Reading →

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