Intro to Glass

Why fiberglass?

Fiberglass offers benefits over graphite (carbon fiber) in certain situations.  Old fiberglass was given a bad rap as it was touted as being a heavy rod with the action of a wet noodle.  While this may have been true for some rods of the time, other fiberglass rods were, and still are, the choice of many fisherman.

As technology advanced, lighter materials, such as the carbon fiber blanks we now know, became readily available.  Their actions continue to improve and provide the caster with higher line speed and increased sensitivity.  However, as graphite technology advanced, so did fiberglass technology.  Within the last ten years there was a rebirth of “glass geeks”.  These are fly fishermen and fisherwomen that prefer glass over carbon fiber.  Why? Perhaps they prefer the slower, classic action.  Maybe they’re nostalgic.  Or maybe the rod just matches their style and location of fishing; which is most important to consider.

My first rod and casting lessons were on a moderate-action carbon fiber fly rod.  It’s what I practiced on and fished for over a year. My second lesson was on a fiberglass 8 weight rod from he 1970’s and I was amazed how much more I could feel.  Heavier? Of course.  But I could feel the rod load in my backcast and it taught me patience and tipped me off to when I should begin my forward cast.  Try one, and you’ll see what I mean.

The newer S Glass that’s used now is a little lighter that E Glass from years past.  Also, fiberglass is stronger, pound for pound, than carbon fiber so if you make the mistake of holding your rod high when trying to land a fish and it makes one last run, that’s a recipe for disaster.  Not so with fiberglass.  The rod has a deeper bend and will absorb that shock when the fish makes one more run.  That is also a benefit when fishing with lighter tippet as the blank will continue to bend rather than put pressure solely on the line and knots.  More fish landed; bonus!




Why a J. Nicholl Fly Fishing Co. rod?

Lets face it, there are a lot of great fly rods out there that are both made by hand in a factory and custom rods from experienced rod builders.  Some anglers are all about classic looks while some are about newer looks but everybody wants a great rod and one that can handle the fish of a lifetime.  Our rods are designed to accomplish just this feat while appealing to both those that want classic good looks all the way up to a rod that cannot go unnoticed and everything in between.

We use quality components such as Swift Epic rod blanks, Snake Brand rod guides, REC reel seats, Flor-grade handles, and Japanese silk rod wraps.  What all of that means to you is a rod that will be around for a very, very long time.

Nothing in the build process is rushed or compromised.  From the butt of the rod to the tip, care is taken to assemble a rod that I would be proud to fish and keep for myself.  In fact, they can be difficult to sell!


What’s in it for me?

When you buy one of our rods, you get a one-of-a-kind fly rod.  In fact, that’s part of the fun about both building and fishing these rods is coming up with the combination of components that aren’t like anything that is sold on the shelf.

All of our rods come with a rod sock and a rod tube.  Upgrade options are available for travel tubes, also.


You also get peace of mind that the J. Nicholl Fly Fishing Co. will stand behind the product and our lifetime warranty to the original rod owner prevents defects in the component or manufacturing process.  We want you to be happy and know that anything that prevents you in getting on the water because of a problem with equipment can be frustrating.