Fly Rod Warranty

Our Warranty

There is nothing worse than being on a trip of a lifetime and having something gear-related prevent you from getting out on the water.  It is equally as frustrating when a personal best fish is on the end of your line and a rod breaks.  Special care is taken to ensure the best build practices are used to produce the strongest possible fly rod.  We stand behind the rods we build and want you to have peace of mind when purchasing from us that all of our components and craftsmanship are covered for the original owner for the lifetime of the rod.  Should any component fail during the normal course of use (to be determined by the J. Nicholl Fly Fishing Co.) simply pay the shipping cost to send the rod back to us and we will make the necessary repair and send it back as soon as possible.  It’s that easy.

Car doors, ceiling fans, nieces, nephews, dogs, etc. can all accidentally destroy rods.  It happens.  We want you to get back on the water as quickly as possible.  While accidents aren’t covered under our warranty, we can get you fishing again without the burden of paying the entire price of a new rod.  For the cost of components, we are happy to fix your rod at our cost and not a penny more.