Ordering and Pricing

As time allows, I’ll build custom rods of my own design and will offer them for sale. These will be marked as “in stock” fly rods.  However, if you wish to customize your own rod, use the form below and I’ll contact you within one business day to further discuss the build.

How long does a build take?  Once all of the supplies are at my disposal, the build usually takes 1 – 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the rod.

I want a rod, where do we go from here?  After I’m clear on all of the options and the component list is finalized, I’ll invoice you through PayPal for exactly half of the cost of the rod up front.  Then, the components will be ordered, if required.  Once they arrive, the build will begin immediately.  The cool part is you get to take part in the build.  Each step of the way you’ll receive photos and notes of the build keeping you up to date through it all.  After that, I’ll cast the rod to ensure everything is to my liking.  At this point, the balance of the rod is due.  When paid in full, the rod is polished up, boxed carefully, and shipped to your door!


How much do your rods cost?

Epic 376, 480, 580, and 686 – $750

Epic 888, Bandit, and Boca Grande – $810


Steffen Brothers 2 Piece Rods – $525

Steffen Brothers 3 Piece Rods – $600


Blue Halo 376 and 580 – $450

Blue Halo 786 – $475


Ready to discuss your rod further?