Blowtorch Nymph

At first sight, this thing looks ridiculous in the world of standard patterns.  It's bright, doesn't look much like anything in nature, and has enough colors to grab anyone's attention.  I assure you, though, it's effective and I've caught a lot of decent fish in highly technical water under tough conditions.  I think it can... Continue Reading →

Hendrickson Dry Fly

Spring is here and so are the Hendricksons in Michigan.  While we haven't seen them in numbers, yet, we will in the upcoming weeks so it's best to get tying!  Tied in a size 12 or 14, these are good imitations of light Hendricksons.  Later in the summer, I downsize and go to a size... Continue Reading →

Galloup’s Hare’s Ear Nymph

Like everyone else, I used to tie my Hare's Ear with a bushy plume of a tail from the hares mask until I saw the way Kelly Galloup tied his and then I saw the light.  After some time fishing this pattern, I've had good luck with it fished below an indicator and tight-lining.  Give... Continue Reading →

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