Gear Review: Zoom Fluke Stick and Fluke Stick Jr.

I go in depth and review Zoom Bait's Fluke Stick and Fluke Stick Jr.


Gear Review: Koppers LIVETARGET Field Mouse

I stopped by the Orlando Outdoor World to pick up a few items I’d need for my time spent on Lake Toho and I didn’t plan on picking anything up other than a couple bags of dark-colored plastics.  We all know how that goes, you go in for a couple items and you leave with …

Aerospace Protectant 303: Sunscreen for your Kayak

Lets face it, we pay a lot for everything these days.  Our boats, fishing gear, tow vehicles, trailers, etc. all cost money.  They are also subjected to some of the harshest punishment we can throw at them.  Our gear sits outside in the sun for hours, days, weeks, sometimes months at a time.  If you're …